Todd Gordon, Founder and CEO of shares his experience with using MotiveWave and benefits that his company has realized.

"Pure and simple - MotiveWave is a game changer. For today's advanced technical trader looking to analyze and interpret massive amounts of market data look no further than the industry leader. Being a specialist in Elliott Wave, Fibonacci, and Intermarket Analysis I am able to quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly analyze a far greater number of markets on a daily basis. This has saved me countless hours of manual analysis, which has increased both my trading profits, as well as my business profits, for my research and trade signal business. For the newer trader looking to demystify the powerful methodology of Elliott Wave, MotiveWave can be thought of as a race-ready motorcycle that comes with training wheels. As you get comfortable with Elliott Wave using MotiveWave's training features, you can then remove the training wheels and hit the race track at full speed."