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MotiveWave has advanced Fibonacci tools in our Professional and Ultimate Editions. MotiveWave also has Time and Ratio Analysis for use with Elliott Wave analysis (included in the Elliott Wave Lite Edition and the Ultimate Edition).

Elliott Wave Fibonacci Time and Price Ratios

MotiveWave measures and calculates the Fibonacci projections and retracement levels for you, as well as Time and Price projections (like Wave 2 vs. 1 or Wave 4 vs. 2) when using Fib ratios with Elliott Wave. You can also customize the Fibonacci ratios and levels.

Fibonacci Ratio Settings

MotiveWave's Fibonacci Software Features:

  • Fast, beautiful charts that are user-friendly, extremely flexible and customizable
  • Fibonacci Retracement, Extension, Expansion (in all of our editions)
  • Fibonacci Circles, Arcs, Half Arcs, Wedges
  • Fibonacci Box, Fibonacci Grid, Fibonacci Bars
  • Ratio, Range, Price Range, Time Range, Ratio Timeline, Number Timeline
  • Fibonacci Channel Retrace and Extension
  • Fibonacci Regression Retrace, Extension, Fan, Circle, Arc, and Half Arc
  • Fibonacci Fork Ratio Top, Bottom, and Center
  • Custom Ratios and Formatting
  • Combine Fibonacci Ratio Analysis with Elliott Wave Analysis to pinpoint entry and exit points
  • Built for multiple monitors
  • Highly customizable chart and trading preferences in an easy-to-use, intuitive interface.
  • Plus all of the trading functionality you'd expect in an advanced professional charting and trading platform.
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All of our editions include Fibonacci Retracement, Fibonacci Extension, and Fibonacci Expansion tools. Our Professional Edition includes our Advanced Fibonacci features listed above (without any Elliott Wave tools). Our Ultimate Edition includes our Advanced Fibonacci tools and our Elliott Wave tools.

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