The FX Trader's Edge

The FX Trader's EDGETM Program was developed to teach traders how to manage their trading business. One of the key elements is learning how to read the market map, through Elliott Wave Analysis. The Elliott Wave Series is a 15 hour downloadable video series which takes EW theory, simplifies it, and teaches entry and exit strategies to teach traders where and how to pull the trigger.

Jody Samuels is one of North America’s leading coaches for successful traders, and the creator of The FX Trader’s EDGE™ Program and The Elliott Wave Series. She works with members of her program in private coaching and group mentoring sessions and is passionate about teaching individuals how to trade the currency markets using the proven theories of Elliott Wave Analysis.

The Elliott Wave Series was created by Jody Samuels, a professional currency trader with 15 years experience trading with a New York international investment bank who successfully made millions of dollars using the proven theories of Elliott Wave analysis.

Jody soon realized that from her private Forex coaching business, new and seasoned traders lacked the education and knowledge of Elliott Wave theory. Jody saw that once her clients understood the way waves in the market followed scientific, predictive, and repetitive patterns, they were able to make more profitable trades, waste less time, and make more money instantly. For more information, go to: