What's New in MotiveWave 5.3

(Released February 2, 2018)

Below is information on the major features and enhancements included in MotiveWave's version 5.3 (since the last major release of version 5.2). Please visit the MotiveWave download page for full Release Notes on each release including minor releases and to download the latest version of MotiveWave.


  1. TPO Component/Mouse Tool - Added a component and a mouse tool for drawing a Time/Price Opportunity plot (Professional Edition and above)
  2. Volume Profile Component/Mouse Tool - Added a component and a mouse tool for drawing a volume profile (Professional Edition and above).
  3. Gann Components -Added Gann 1x1 line.
  4. Gartley Components - Added an option to show/hide the range labels. This can be found in the component dialog and the Preferences Dialog (Configure -> Preferences from the top menu bar, see "Gartley tab")
  5. Extend Left/Right - This keyboard assignable short cut will allow you to extend a trend line or channel left and right at the same time.
  6. Lock Component - When a locked component is selected it will now show orange resize points to visually indicate that it is locked.
  7. Anchor Comments - A comment (such as a Note or Text) can be anchored to a location on the chart via Right click -> Anchored. When the comment is anchored it will not move when the chart scrolls.
  8. Time Cycle Component - This component plots consecutive semi-circles for a time cycle (see General tab in Components panel)
  9. Sine Wave Component - Plots a continuous sine wave (see General tab in Components Panel)
  10. Lock Figure - Figures on a chart can now be "Locked" which will prevent accidental dragging or resizing. To enable/disable right click on a figure and choose "Lock Figure"
  11. Hide Components - This feature allows you to quickly hide specific components on a chart. You can hide a component in the following ways:
    1. Ctrl+Shift - Hold down on the Ctrl (Cmd on a Mac) and Shift Keys and click on a component with the mouse.
    2. Context Menu - Right click on the component and choose "Hide Component"
  12. Show Components - To show components that have been hidden, use the new "Hidden Components" panel (View -> Hidden Components from the top menu bar). Alternatively, you can choose to show hidden components from the Object Viewer (View -> Display -> Object Viewer from the top menu bar)
  13. Channel - Added the following options to the Channel component:
    1. Horizontal - This attribute will make a channel horizontal (accessible via right click or the Channel Properties Dialog)
    2. Show Range - Shows the price range and time range of the channel (accessible from the Channel Properties Dialog)
    3. Show Price - This option in the properties dialog will show the price on the ratios if the channel is horizontal.


  1. Hurst Cycles - This new overlay study implements the display of Hurst Cycles (Ultimate Edition only).
  2. Volume Imprint Study - Added the following enhancements to the Volume Imprint Study:
    1. Ladder - This display option shows the bid/ask volume in a ladder format with a price bar in the middle
    2. Candle Totals - Optional totals displayed at the top/bottom of each candle (Delta, Volume, Bid/Ask percentages)
    3. Imbalance Levels - support for 3 imbalance levels, each with their own font settings
    4. Absorption - An outline can be used to identify selling/buying pressure that has been "absorbed" by a large order
    5. POC - Point of Control can be highlighted in Bid/Ask, Volume Delta and Ladder bars
    6. Naked POC Extension - Draws a horizontal line from a "Naked POC" to the next bar whose range touches that POC.
    7. Summary Profile - An optional summary profile can be drawn on the right hand side of the graph for the following time spans: Visible Bars, Day, Week, Month
    8. Bid/Ask Filter - This option allows you to filter out bid/ask volume sizes that are smaller than the given size (see Display tab).
    9. Delta Filter - allows you to filter imbalances where the delta value is smaller than the given size (see Imbalance tab)
    10. Support / Resistance Lines - draws lines where imbalances exist to illustrate support (bid imbalance) or resistance (ask imbalance) (see Imbalance tab)
  3. Cumulative Delta - This study has been updated to allow you specify if the delta running total should start at the beginning of the trading day using regular or extended trading hours.

Java SDK

  1. Resize Points - Support for resize points that can be adjusted using the mouse
  2. Context Menus -Custom right click menus


  1. CryptoCompare - Added Support for crypto currency data via CryptoCompare
  2. Rithmic - Updated to the latest Rithmic API (9.7)
  3. Global Data Feeds - Stocks, indices, futures and options for the Indian market
  4. Tradovate - Access to Tradovate brokerage via CQG

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