What's New in MotiveWave 5.1

(Released July 20, 2017)

Below is information on the major features and enhancements included in MotiveWave's version 5.1 (since the last major release of version 5.0). Please visit the MotiveWave download page for full Release Notes on each release including minor releases and to download the latest version of MotiveWave.


  1. Custom Components - The Components Panel can be customized in this update to change the available stencils and add customized components. This is configured from the Preferences Dialog (Configure -> Preferences from the Console menu bar). Click on "Chart" then on "Components Panel"
    1. Stencils - New stencils can be created and existing ones can be re-ordered or hidden. New stencils can have a customized list of existing or custom components.
    2. Custom Components - Customized versions of existing components can be created and added to new stencils.
  2. Study Templates - Added chart settings to study templates (optional). When enabled, this will apply the following settings as part of the template (if selected):
    1. Theme - Chart and Bar Theme
    2. Bar Size
    3. Bar Type
    4. Ext Data Setting
    5. Semi Log Setting
    6. Chart Labels
  3. Strategy Optimizer - Added "Export To Excel" option for the selected report.
  4. Custom Tools - Keyboard short cuts can now be assigned to Custom Tools.
  5. Action Categories - A sortable category column has been added to the Keyboard Shortcuts table to make it easier to find related actions
  6. Trade Actions - Several new actions have been added to the Keyboard Shortcuts menu:
    1. Break Even
    2. Flatten Position
    3. Reverse Position
    4. Close All Orders
    5. Buy/Sell Market
    6. Buy/Sell Limit
    7. Buy/Sell Stop
    8. Buy/Sell Limit+Stop
    9. Buy/Sell Limit+Trail
    10. Buy/Sell Limit+Stop/Limit
    11. Buy/Sell Limit+Trail/Limit
    12. Buy/Sell Stop+Stop
    13. Buy/Sell Stop +Trail
    14. Buy/Sell Stop +Stop/Limit
    15. Buy/Sell Stop +Trail/Limit
    16. Buy/Sell OCO Limit+Stop
    17. Buy/Sell OCO Limit
    18. Buy/Sell OCO Stop
    19. Entry Exit Strategies
  7. Scanner - Added option to export scanner results to a CSV file
  8. Strategy Optimizer - implemented significant performance enhancements to back testing/optimization
  9. Fib Fan - Added options to show a Fib Fan as a Retracement or an Extension
  10. ICE Trading Hours - Trading hours for the ICE exchange have been added to the built-in set of Trading Hours
  11. Filled Orders - The orders panel now has a "Filled" tab to show the recently filled orders
  12. Study Templates - Save Template and Manage Templates dialogs now show a description that includes the labels of all studies.
  13. Price Bar Spacing - The space between the price bars can be set (in pixels). See Preferences Dialog (Configure -> Preferences from the Console Menu bar). Click on "Chart" then on "Chart Settings". The input is labeled "Price Bar Spacing"
  14. Custom Price Labels - A custom label can now be entered for a price label. Right click on the price label and choose Type -> Custom.
  15. Journal - Added a new panel for tracking order and connection events (available Trade Edition and up)


  1. Backfill - Implemented Historical Back fill. This feature (if enabled) will pull historical back fill data for daily, intraday and tick charts from MotiveWave's back fill server. Currently we support the following brokers:
    1. CQG
    2. FXCM
    3. Rithmic
    4. GAIN Futures
    5. Ally Invest (Futures Only)
  2. OANDA V20 - Support for OANDA's V20 Rest Based API.
  3. Rithmic - Updated to the latest Rithmic API and added support for historical tick data and daily bars.
  4. Interactive Brokers - Updated to the latest Interactive Brokers API
  5. Interactive Brokers - Added an option to disable pulling extended data from Google (beyond the 1 year limit). See Preferences Dialog (Configure -> Preferences), "General" panel.
  6. Topstep - Added connector for Topstep (via Rithmic)
  7. Questrade - Added an option to save username/password on login
  8. MetaStock Xenith - Updated to the latest API (1.1.117100.0)

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