What's New in MotiveWave 5.0

(Released February 16, 2017)

Below is information on the major features and enhancements included in MotiveWave's version 5.0 (since the last major release of version 4.2). Please visit the MotiveWave download page for full Release Notes on each release including minor releases and to download the latest version of MotiveWave.

  1. User Interface - The User Interface has been rewritten to work on JavaFX. This includes an updated look and feel based on a dark window theme
  2. Scalable Vector Icons - All icons have been changed to scalable vector graphics. This provides a more consistent look/feel and sharper look on high resolution monitors.
  3. Keyboard Shortcuts - These are now configurable from the Preferences Dialog (Configure -> Preferences from the Console Menu Bar). Click on "General" then on "Keyboard"
  4. Bar Size Tool Bar - The bar size selector tool bar is now configurable. See Preferences Dialog (tool bar tab)
  5. Active Chart Shading - The active chart in the Console (or Desktops) is highlighted in dark blue to indicate which chart is currently active (and assigned to the tool bar).
  6. Data Formats - Data formats have been switched from XML to JSON format. This has been done to reduce the size and improve the loading time. Version 4 formats will still load in Version 5.
  7. Components Panel - The components panel is no longer part of the chart, but part of the console/desktop. This single panel is shared between all open charts (instead of each chart having their own panel).
  8. Study Dashed Paths - When displaying a path in a study as "points" a new option has been added to show as "dash" (see point type dropdown).
  9. Backup/Restore - Several enhancements have been added to the Backup/Restore feature:
    1. Format - The format has been changed to a .zip file. This will significantly reduce the backup size and improve the load time for restoring from backup.
    2. Additional Options - The backup will now include more settings/options: alerts/alert history, strategy analysis, defaults, simulated accounts/orders, commissions, order presets, trading hours, custom themes and keyboard shortcuts.
  10. Desktops - Chart groups have been renamed to "Desktops"
  11. Ratio Sets/Styles - Ratio sets and styles have been removed in version 5 and replaced by ratio presets. The Ratio preset feature has been expanded to cover all functionality that was present in the sets/styles.
  12. Chart Links - Several new chart link options have been added: Maroon, Navy, Pink, Dark Green, Brown
  13. Link Instrument/Bar Size - Linking by instrument or bar size is now configured per link in the Preferences Dialog (see "General" -> "Linking")
  14. Market If Touched Orders - MotiveWave will now simulate Market if Touched (MIT) orders on the client side if not supported by the broker.
  15. Default Fonts - Default sizes of many fonts have been increased to improve readability (including ratio fonts, vertical axis, time axis, components panel, dialog fonts)
  16. Quick Search - The quick search box has been enhanced for futures to show the nearest contract by default when typing an symbol
  17. Chart Labels - Default chart labels can be configured from the Preferences Dialog (Configure -> Preferences from the console menu bar). Click on "Chart", then on "Labels"
  18. Lock Studies - When enabling lock studies on a chart, it will lock studies for all charts on the active page.
  19. Replay Mode - The replay mode control is now displayed as a "bar" at the bottom of the window. Play back will affect all charts on the active page (default settings). Linking options are still available for explicitly linking several charts together for play back.
    1. Current Replay Time - This is now displayed on the Replay Bar
    2. Primary Replay Chart - Active chart/Bar Size is displayed on the right hand side of the replay bar
    3. Power Button - Turns green when activated
  20. Replay Mode - Added option "Step Until Price Change". When selected (on by default), the step tick button will step all ticks until the price changes.
  21. Show Extended Data - Defaults for display extended vs regular trading hours can now be set for each instrument. This can be modified by editing the instrument (right click on a chart and choose 'Edit Instrument', see Advanced tab)
  22. Shift To Present Button - The shift to present arrow now appears in the bottom right corner of a chart when not showing the latest data. This arrow is not shown when the latest data is displayed.
  23. CQG - Upgraded to the latest CQG connector.
  24. CQG - Added support for bid/ask values in historical tick data
  25. Berkley Futures - Added support for this broker via CQG
  26. United Futures - Added support for this broker. User can connect via CQG or Rithmic.
  27. OSX Dark System Menu - Support for dark system menu bar
  28. Tick Data - Significant performance enhancements have been added for loading and caching historical tick data.
  29. Import Tick Data - Historical tick data (in CSV format) can now be imported into a chart. Choose File -> Chart -> Import Tick Data from the top menu bar.
  30. Native Windows - On Windows machines, it is now possible to use native windows (instead of undecorated ones). This can be useful to avoid the task bar being hidden when maximized. Choose Configure -> Preferences from the top menu bar. On the "General" panel, check "Use Native Windows".
  31. Manage Instruments - Added option to include/exclude Stock/Future Options from the list.
  32. High Resolution Screens - Improved support for high resolution screens. You can now choose the relative default Font/Icon size to be used for MotiveWave. MotiveWave will attempt to choose a good default when first installed. You can choose this manually from two locations:
    1. Startup Screen - Click on Options -> Appearance
    2. Preferences Dialog - (See Configure -> Preferences from the Console Menu Bar). Click on "General" then on "Fonts")
  33. Stage 5 CQG - Added a connector for Stage 5 Trading Corp via CQG
  34. Font/Icon Size - added option for "Small" fonts
  35. Light Theme - Added support for a choice between Light/Dark themes (restart required). The option for changing this can be found under:
    1. Startup Splash Screen - Click on "Options -> Appearance"
    2. Preferences Dialog - See Configure -> Preferences from the top menu bar. Click on the "Theme" tab.
  36. Elliott Wave Diagonals - Added price ratio: 3 vs 1
  37. Time&Sales Panel - Added colors to identify ask volume vs bid volume and a new column to indicate if a tick is "Ask Volume"
  38. DOM Panel - Some updates/improvements to the DOM panel:
    1. Bid/Ask Histogram - Bid/Ask size columns now have a histogram behind the sizes to highlight the size relative to the other sizes
    2. Volume Histogram - updated to always show the volume size and a grey histogram behind the sizes
    3. P/L Column - updated colors to match bid/ask histogram
  39. Expired Contracts - Expired futures contracts in watch lists, charts, DOM and Time/Sales windows will be automatically replaced by the nearest non-expired contract.
  40. Auto Submit Chart Orders - This option (default on) auto submits an order when it is dragged (using the left mouse button). This avoids the secondary step of having to click the "T" (transmit) button. This option can be turned off in the Global Preferences Dialog (Configure -> Preferences from the Console menu bar). Click on "Orders" tab.
  41. Cumulative Delta - This new study was added to display cumulative bid/ask volume from the start of the day. See Study -> Volume Based -> Cumulative Delta (from the top menu bar). Note: requires access to historical tick data in order to function.
  42. Price Label Tool - Added new tool for creating Price Labels
  43. Custom Tools - Custom versions of tools can now be created from existing tools. These tools can have preset properties for components that are created (Ultimate and Profession Editions only). To create a custom tool, choose Configure -> Preferences (from the console menu bar). Click on "Tool Bar" then on "Custom Tools". Once the custom tool is defined, it can be added to a tool bar.
  44. Tool Groups - Tool groups allow you to group 2 or more tools (including custom tools) into a drop down group that can be added as a menu button to a tool bar. To create a tool group, choose Configure -> Preferences (from the console menu bar). Click on "Tool Bar" then on "Tool Groups".
  45. Tick Data - Additional enhancements added for loading/caching tick data locally
  46. Import CSV Data - Added support for Forex data that contains historical bid/ask values.
  47. Historical Data - Significant changes have been made to the way historical data is stored.
    1. Improved Performance - the performance of loading charts has been improved. Especially when multiple charts are open for the same instrument
    2. Data Import - The performance of data import has been significantly improved in this update.
  48. Filter Bad Ticks - By default MotiveWave will filter out "bad" ticks (both historical as well as live). You can disable this feature from the Preferences Dialog (Configure -> Preferences from the console menu bar). Click on "General" tab.
  49. Java Version - Upgraded to Java 1.8.0_121 (Both Mac and Windows)
  50. SDK - Added support for historical and live tick data to the SDK (see updates SDK document for details)
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