What's New in MotiveWave 4.1

(Released April 13, 2015)

Below is information on the major features and enhancements included in MotiveWave's version 4.1 (since the last major release of version 4.0). Please visit the MotiveWave download page for full Release Notes on each release including minor releases and to download the latest version of MotiveWave.

General Enhancements

  • Custom Instruments - Custom instruments can be defined in MotiveWave:
    • Spread - Calculates the difference between two instruments
    • Ratio - Calculates the ratio between two different instruments
    • Index - Allows you to create a custom index that combines price data from multiple instruments
  • Replay Mode Speed Factor - An option has been added to the replay settings to enable control of the speed when using real tick delay. The speed factor option enables you to increase or decrease the speed at which ticks are replayed. For example a speed factor of 10 will replay ticks at 10x the speed of the normal market.
  • Alerts Panel - Alert history has been added as a tab to the Alerts panel (see console).
  • Console Tab Counts - Counts have now been added to console tabs for the following:
    • Trades Panel
    • Accounts Panel
    • Watch Lists/Quote Sheets - Note this can be disabled from the Preferences Dialog (click on "General", then on "General". Uncheck 'Show Watch List Count').
  • Email
    • Updated to the latest JavaMail API
    • Support for TLS and SSL for Non Standard mail ports
  • Break Even - A new button has been added to the Trade Panel (Positions tab). This will create a break even order for the open position (stop or limit order as applicable).
  • Export Trade History - The Trades Panel (see Accounts panel) now has an option to export trade history to a CSV file.
  • Bar Countdown - The Bar Countdown label now counts down ticks for tick charts and volume for constant volume charts.
  • Stop-Limit Orders - Stop-Limit can now be placed from the price axis.
  • Bar Size Selector - Bar Size tabs can be removed via right click and choose "Remove Bar Size"
  • MotiveWave (6GB) - Added an additional short cut to launch MotiveWave with a 6GB heap size (Windows only). See Start -> All Programs -> MotiveWave

Broker/Data Services

  • Dorman Trading - Support for connecting to Dorman Trading via CQG
  • MB Trading - The MB Trading connector has been rewritten for this update that connects to the All OS API. This version of the connector will work on the Mac as well as Windows
  • OEC
    • Updated to latest version of OEC connector
    • Added support for Native OSO orders (attached orders)
  • AMP Futures - Support for connecting to AMP Futures via CQG
  • CQG - Support the CQG Web API has been added to this update (replacing the old COM connection). This update includes the following enhancements:
    • Historical Data Daily and intraday bars
    • Historical Tick Data
    • Support for OSX and Windows
  • OANDA Volume Bars - Support for historical volume
  • Money.Net - This is a new data service for Stocks, Options, FOREX and Futures. It is supported on both OSX as well as Windows


  • Spread Study - Added operations for Subtract, Divide, Multiply and Add. Also added the ability to invert the study.
  • SDK Price Bars - Support for price bars has been added to the SDK. The following studies have been updated to use Price Bars
    • Instrument Graph
    • Instrument Ratio
    • Spread
    • Chart Mill Indicator
  • Pivot Points Study - Added the ability to hide the resistance, support and pivot lines.
  • Donchian Channel - Added optional middle path
  • Study Indicators - The indicators that are part of a study now have advanced settings (click on the edit button next to the indicator in the Study Dialog):
    • Show/Hide Indicator Label
    • Change Indicator Font
    • Change Indicator Line Properties (color, weight, style)
  • Instrument Ratio/Spread - These studies have been enhanced to allow the user to specify the Chart Instrument (instead of being hard coded).

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