What's New in MotiveWave 3.5

(Released September 11, 2014)

Below is information on the major features and enhancements included in MotiveWave's version 3.5 (since the last major release of version 3.4). Please visit the MotiveWave download page for full Release Notes on each release including minor releases and to download the latest version of MotiveWave.

Chart Enhancements

  • Range - Bar range (high - low) has been added to the Bar Status and the Cursor Data Panel/Window.
  • Templates Button - Added a templates button to the Bar Size Selector tool bar to quickly access templates.
  • Bar Schemes - The following bar schemes have been added for coloring the price bars:
    • Day Of Week - Color is determined by the day of the week (intraday bars only)
    • Alternate Day - Bar color alternates between each day
    • Alternate Hour - Bar color alternates between each hour
  • Alerts - The following enhancements have been added for alerts
    • Expiry - An expiry date/time may be optionally specified for an alert. This can be chosen from the Alert dialog (see Advanced tab).
    • Sessions - Up to two sessions may be specified to define valid times of the day where the alert may be triggered (see Advanced tab)
    • Ticker Values - Additional ticker values may be specified such as Day High/Day Low, Open Close etc for triggering the alert
    • Alert Touches - An addition option "Touches" has been added as an alert condition. This will trigger the alert if the target value is touched.
    • Attach Image - The originating chart can now be attached as an image when sending an alert email.
  • News Viewer - The browser for displaying news stories has been replaced by the Java FX web browser
  • Object Viewer - Added the ability to edit the properties from the Object Viewer
  • Range/Renko Bars - Added the option to build these types of bars using the minimum tick instead of the point size. The default can be set in the Preferences dialog (Configure -> Preferences from the console menu bar). Click on Tick Charts, see setting for "Use Points for Interval". This can also be set specifically on a chart from the Chart Settings dialog (double click on the chart). See Bar Settings tab.
  • No Bars - A new option has been added to the bar type drop down: No Bars. When selected the price bars will not be drawn on the chart.
  • Link Status - The link status on the Status Bar (bottom of Console, Chart Frame, DOM Frame and Time/Sales Frame) has been expanded to enable quickly changing the link color. This option can be disabled in the Preferences Dialog (Configure -> Preferences) Click on "Chart" then on "Options". Uncheck "Expand Status Bar Link"
  • Gartley - Several new improvements have been added to the Gartley components/tools
    • Auto Gartley Tool - The auto gartley tool can be used to quickly place an XABCD pattern on the chart. Two clicks are required, the first one places the origin (X) and the second places the D point. A, B and C are automatically plotted and the closest matching XABCD pattern is selected for the ratios.
    • Cypher Pattern - The Cypher pattern has been added to the Components Panel.
    • Shark Pattern - The Shart pattern has been added to the Components Panel.
    • Shade Regions - For XABCD patterns the region ABC and BCD can optionally be shaded using a background fill. This can be modified from the Properties dialog for the pattern (double click on the pattern)
    • Gartley Properties - the "Gartley" tab in the Preferences dialog (Configure -> Preferences from console menu bar) has a few new options:
      • Auto XABCD - When this option is checked (on by default), adjusting the points in the XABCD pattern will automatically adjust the type of the pattern to match the appropriate set of ratios (Gartley, Bat, Alt Bat, Crab, Deep Crab, Butterfly, Shark).
      • Show Ranges - Toggles the display of the ratio range background. Additionally the background fill for each of these ratios may be customized.
      • Show Regions - Toggles the display of the ABC/BCD regions for the XABCD pattern. Optionally the default fill color can be chosen.
  • Components - The following components have been added or improved:
    • Regression Line/Channel - Added options to create alerts for values crossing the line or top/bottom channel lines.
    • Channel - Added alert option for values crossing the middle line
    • Rotate Ellipse - Added the ability to Rotate an Ellipse by 90 degrees. Right click on Ellipse and choose "Rotate 90 Degrees"
    • Quadrant Lines - Draws a series of 5 horizontal lines to divide the high/low of the given range in to 4 quadrants
    • Tirone Levels - Draws a series of 3 sequentially higher horizontal lines used to identify support and resistance areas. Lines are drawn by taking the high/low price in the given range and drawing lines at 1/3, 1/2 (midpoint) and 2/3 of the distance from the low.
    • Speed Lines - Draws a fan with lines at 1/3 and 2/3 retracements from the main source line.
    • Fibonacci Bars - Draws vertical lines at Fibonacci numbers (2, 3, 5, 8 etc) at X number of bars from the source line. This is similar to the Number Timeline component except that it counts bars instead of a range of bars.
    • Fork Top Ratio - Draws Fibonacci ratio lines from the top fork line based on the distance between the top and bottom fork lines.
    • Fork Bottom Ratio - Draws Fibonacci ratio lines from the bottom fork line based on the distance between the top and bottom fork lines.
    • Fork Center Ratio - Draws Fibonacci ratio lines from the center fork line based on the distance between the center and bottom/top fork lines.

General Enhancements

  • Study Scanner - Added "Lookback Bars" to optionally match the criteria on historical bars beyond the current bar.
  • Compact Mode - Compact Mode has been enhanced in this update. You can now have the Console and Chart Groups use this feature to quickly remove the tabs, menu bar, title bar, tool bars and page bar to provide a view that optimizes the screen space. You can configure what is removed in compact mode from the Preferences Dialog (Configure -> Preferences from the Console menu bar). Click on "General" then on "Compact Mode". Support has been added for macOS, choose View -> Compact (from the top menu bar).
  • Console Next/Prev - Next and previous buttons will be displayed when a tabbed station in the console is maximized. This will enable you to switch to the next or previous station and still be in maximized mode.
  • Show/Hide Tabs - The tabs in the console and chart groups can be hidden by choosing View -> Show tabs (from the top menu bar)
  • Confirm Remove Page - A warning dialog is now displayed with clicking on the Close button for a Console Page.
  • Order Preset Quantities - Order quantities can have several preset values that are available from a drop down next to the quantity field. These quantities can be configured in the Order Presets dialog for each instrument.
  • DOM Quantity Selector - A quantity selector bar is now optionally available on the DOM to quickly choose from preset quantities.
  • Collapse Quote Sheet - Groups in the Quote Sheet can now be collapsed (or expanded) by clicking on the collapse button on the left side of the group header or via double click
  • Windows Shortcuts - Two new MotiveWave short cuts have been added with different startup parameters for MotiveWave:
    • MotiveWave (Med Memory) - Launches MotiveWave with a larger memory space than the default (1 GB vs 700 Mb)
    • MotiveWave (High Memory) - Launches MotiveWave with a large size heap (1.5 GB) (Note: this requires 64-bit Java).
    • MotiveWave (3GB) - Launches MotiveWave with a heap size of 3 GB (note: this requires 64-bit Java)

Broker/Data Services

  • MetaStock Xenith - Added support for MetaStock Xenith as a data service. This is supported on Windows only
  • Google/Yahoo Service - Service has been updated to pull bars from Yahoo in the case where no data is returned for the daily bars from Google. Google recently has some issues loading daily bars for some Indian stocks/indices. Added support to show Mexican stocks from Yahoo (daily bars only)
  • Oanda - Support for up to 50K bars has been added in this release (from the 500 max on previous versions)
  • MB Trading - A fix has been added where the login fails for some MB Trading accounts
  • eSignal - Updated to the latest eSignal connector. Added Open Interest field.
  • Rithmic - Updated to the latest Rithmic API (7.1)


  • New/Updated Studies:
    • Harmonic Shape Study - This study automatically finds harmonic (Gartley) patterns such as XABCD (all variations), AB=CD and Five-0. This study can be found under Study -> Overlay -> Harmonic Shape. Note: only available to users who have the Gartley features.
    • Volatility Ratio
    • Smart Money Index
    • McGinley Dynamic
    • Decision Point PMO
    • Accumulative Swing Index
    • Open Interest
    • Time Frame Study - This study displays a shaded background for the given intraday time frame. Choose Study -> Overlay -> Time Frame
    • VPCI - Volume Price Confirmation Indicator
    • Daily Volume Profile - This study has been enhanced to optionally show historical volume profile for days other than the current day. Added an option to show the volume bar with the highest volume in a different color. Added timeframes for Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly
    • Bar Time Histogram - This new study displays the bar time (in seconds) of each bar as a histogram (with an optional moving average). This is useful for non-linear bars (such as Renko, Range etc).
  • Study Visibility - The visibility of studies can now be applied to study graphs (such as RSI) in addition to overlays. For instance an RSI can be visible on 30 minute charts but not on 5 min charts.
  • Path Color Policy - The Positive/Negative color policy (for paths and bars in a study) has been enhanced to allow 2 additional colors to distinguish between higher/lower values both above and below 0.
  • Lock Shift - A new option has been added to the Instrument Overlay dialog "Lock Shift". If this is unchecked, the overlay may be dragged left or right to adjust the shift for the study.

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