What's New in MotiveWave 3.4

(Released April 1, 2014)

Below is information on the major features and enhancements included in MotiveWave's version 3.4 (since the last major release of version 3.3). Please visit the MotiveWave download page for full Release Notes on each release including minor releases and to download the latest version of MotiveWave.

Chart Enhancements

  • Price Box/Box - Added Show Horizontal/Vertical Divider. This will show an additional line to divide the box. You can find this under the Properties dialog (double click on the box).
  • Zone Label - Added 2 new types: Credit Spread and Debit Spread
  • Wedge Flip - A wedge can be flipped via right click (choose "Flip Wedge")
  • Wedge/Disjoint Wedge - Added support for alerts on these components. Right click on the component and choose "Create Alert"
  • ATR Label - A new chart label has been added for Average True Range. To enable this label open the "Chart Settings" dialog (double click on the chart) and click on the "Labels" tab.
  • Alerts - Several improvements and fixes have been added to alerts:
    • Alert History - Alert history can now be displayed on a chart. History is persisted when restarting MotiveWave (default maximum of 10 days).
    • Indicator Cross Indicator - Alerts can be configured to trigger when an indicator crosses another indicator (instead of a static value) See Create Alert dialog.
    • Alerts Panel - The alerts panel (formerly 'Price Alerts') now displays all active alerts (instead of just price related alerts). Buttons have been added to show the active chart or cancel the alert.
    • Deactivate Warning - A warning will be displayed when closing a chart that has active alerts.
    • Conditions - Available conditions have been simplified to Crosses Above, Crosses Below and Crosses. Prior values of >, >= will be mapped to Crosses Above and <, <= will be mapped to Crosses Below
  • Elliott Wave - Two new tools have been added:
    • Leading Diagonal Tool - Available from the tools drop down
    • Ending Diagonal Tool - Available from the tools drop down
  • Dock Tab Icons - Icons can now optionally be displayed on the Console Dock tabs. You can enable this from the Preferences Dialog (Configure -> Preferences from the top menu bar). Click on "General" then on "Dock". See option "Show Tab Icons".
  • Alert Trade - A trade can now be placed when an alert is triggered. From the create alert dialog, click on the "Trade" tab. These trades and alerts also work in replay mode. Note: MotiveWave must be actively running for this trade to be placed.
  • Alert History Show Chart - A button has been added on the Alert History dialog to display the chart where the alert originated.
  • Resolve Trend Lines - This option can now be set per chart (in addition to globally). See Chart Settings Dialog (double click on a chart) "General" panel.
  • Chart Label - A new chart label was added to show if the chart is showing extended vs regular trading hours data (see Chart Settings Dialog, "Labels" tab).

General Enhancements

  • Java 7 - MotiveWave has switched to the latest version of Java 7 for both Windows as well as Mac OS X. The install process for the Mac has changed and includes the embedded Java 7 JRE in the disk image. For installation details, see the readme file.
  • Study Scanner - Added operators:
    • Crosses
    • Cross Above
    • Cross Below
  • Repository - (Paid Versions only). See Repository Dialog (Configure -> Repository from the console menu bar).
    • File System - Added the ability to store configuration and analyses outside of the database. This can be useful to sync settings and analyses between different computers using a service such as Google Drive or Drop Box
    • Analysis Sources - Optionally additional source directories for analyses can be specified
  • Watch Lists/Quote Sheets - Some significant enhancements have been added to the Watch Lists and Quote Sheets:
    • Quote Sheet Panel - Quote sheets can now be added as a panel in the Console (or Chart Groups)
    • Unsorted - Watch Lists and Quote Sheets can be set to "unsorted" (see tool bar button 'a-z'). This will toggle between column sorting or unsorted rows.
    • Column Defaults - A default set of columns can be set from the Edit dialogs
    • Drag/Drop - You can now drag and drop rows from a Watch List or Quote Sheet:
      • Reorder - If unsorted and dropping in the same list, the list will be re-ordered
      • Move - If dropping to another watch list or quote sheet, the rows will be moved
      • Chart - If dropped on a chart, the chart will open the selected row(s)
    • Watch List Instruments - Instruments for the Watch List can now be edited from the "Edit" dialog

Broker/Data Services

  • Interactive Brokers - Added support for Client ID when specifying the connection parameters to TWS.
  • eSignal - Updated to the latest eSignal API (1-018)
  • Interactive Brokers - You can choose a separate instrument for historical data. Edit the instrument (right click on the chart and choose 'Edit Instrument'). You will find the 'Historical Instrument' under the "General" panel. This is particularly useful for CFDs.
  • Tradier - Support for Tradier (as a broker) has been added in this update.
  • Trade Pro Futures - Support for Trade Pro Futures has been added (connection via Rithmic)

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