What's New in MotiveWave 3.3

(Released January 13, 2014)

Below is information on the major features and enhancements included in MotiveWave's version 3.3 (since the last major release of version 3.2). Please visit the MotiveWave download page for full Release Notes on each release including minor releases and to download the latest version of MotiveWave.

Chart Enhancements

  • Trading in Replay Mode - This update adds the ability to place trades and monitor positions in Replay Mode.
  • Components Panel Font - The font for the Components panel can now be adjusted in the Preferences Dialog (Click on "Chart" then on "Fonts"). You will need to restart MotiveWave to see the changes.
  • Tool behavior - The behavior of many of the mouse tools has been updated in this release to reflect their more common behavior (exceptions include Time Drag, Text/Commentary and Select tools). By default, these tools will no longer select or drag existing components that are on the chart. You can select/drag components by holding down on the 'Alt' key.
  • Show Birds Eye View - A new button has been added to the Bar Size Selector to toggle the display of the Birds Eye View
  • Increase/Reduce Bar Width Buttons - These buttons can now be added to the Tool Bar.

General Enhancements

  • Ticker Tape - This feature allows you to stream quotes at the top of the Console, Chart Group or Chart Window. To enable, choose View -> Display -> Ticker Tape. Settings can be found in the Preferences Dialog (Configure -> Preferences from the console menu bar). Click on "General" then on "Ticker Tape"
  • Restore Workspace - Fixed some issues with restoring a workspace from a backup
  • Data Import - Added support for CSV files that are missing open, high and low values
  • Backup/Restore - This feature has been enhanced to optionally include the Console Layout as well as the Open Windows
  • Copy Watch List - You can now create a copy of watch list. This can be done from the Open Watch List Dialog. Select an existing watch list and click on the "Copy" button.
  • Copy Page - Console/Chart Group pages can now be copied. Right click on a page tab and choose "Copy Page"
  • Copy Chart Group - Copies of chart groups can now be created from the "Open Chart Group" dialog (File -> Open -> Chart Group from the console menu bar). Click on a Chart Group and press the "Copy" button.

Broker/Data Services

  • BarChart
    • Added support for front contracts (ie futures contracts ending in *0)
    • Daily Futures data now returns continuous bars using "daily nearest"
  • Interactive Brokers - A fix was added for Level II data (displayed in the DOM)


  • Support/Resistance Zone - Added the ability to change the top/bottom value from the Properties dialog (double click on the component)
  • Instrument Overlay - Added a "shift" parameter to enable shifting the overlay forward or back X bars
  • Study Options - Added a new option to the Study Options Panel (edit a study, click on "Options") to use "Real" values. This is useful if you are displaying a Heikin-Ashi based candle chart and want to plot a study using the real open/high/low/closing values.
  • Instrument Overlay - Added an option to disable the display of the line/bars for the study. This can be useful if you want to display study based on the overlay, but not show the overlay itself.

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