What's New in MotiveWave 3.2

(Released November 25, 2013)

Below is information on the major features and enhancements included in MotiveWave's version 3.2 (since the last major release of version 3.1). Please visit the MotiveWave download page for full Release Notes on each release including minor releases and to download the latest version of MotiveWave.

Chart Enhancements

  • Lock Scroll - This feature, when enabled will automatically scroll other linked charts to the same position as the source chart. Choose View -> Lock Scroll to enable/disable.
  • Combination Tool - A new Elliott Wave tool has been added: Combination
  • Chart Labels - 2 new chart labels have been added:
    • Date - Shows the current date
    • Date/Time - Shows the current date and time
  • Space Bar - Pressing the space bar will now revert to the default mouse tool
  • Tool Bar - Support has been added for a 2nd top tool bar as well as a left, right and bottom tool bar.
  • Tool Groups - Tool groups have been added for the tool bar. To configure these, see the Preferences Dialog (Tool Bar tab).
    • Elliott Wave Tools
    • Gartley Tools
    • Fibonacci Tools
    • Markers
    • Commentary Tools
    • Regression Tools
  • Time Drag Performance - Time Drag performance has been improved for dragging the chart
  • Auto Analyze Replay Mode - Auto Analyze (Elliott Wave) now works in replay mode.
  • Hover Info - Hovering over a bar or component (for 2 seconds) will display information. This feature can be disabled in the Preferences Dialog (Chart -> Options tab). This works for the following components:
    • Price Bars
    • Elliott Waves
    • Gartley Patterns
    • Trend Lines
  • Cursor Data Panel - A new cursor data panel can optionally be shown within a chart (as opposed to the cursor data window). Choose View -> Cursor Data from the top menu bar
  • Bar Theme - Bar outline colors can now be specified for custom bar themes
  • Draw Candle Outline - This option enabled you to disable the drawing of the outline for candle sticks. This can be found under the Preferences Dialog (Chart -> Options).
  • MidPoint Indicator - Added a midpoint indicator that displays the midpoint between the bid and ask on the price axis

General Enhancements

  • Bird's Eye View - The bird's eye view presents a high level view of all the available data for a chart as well as the current visible section of this data. Choose View -> Display -> Bird's Eye View to show this option on a chart.

Broker/Data Services

  • eSignal - Upgraded to the latest eSignal Connector.
    • 64-Bit - This now includes support for 64-bit Java.
    • Search - You can now search for symbols in eSignal


  • Studies - The following new studies have been added in this update:
    • AGGZ
    • Correlation Coefficient
    • Net Lines
    • Pesavento Patterns
    • Planets
    • Polynomial Regression Channel
    • Schaff Trend Cycle
  • SDK - Added the ability to distinguish between settings that uniquely identify an instance of a study vs the label that is generated. The RuntimeDescriptor class now has two new methods:
    • setIDSettings(String ...ids) - Use this method to override the settings that are used to uniquely identify a study instance
    • getIDSettings() - Gets the ID settings. By default, this will return the label settings unless overridden by calling setIDSettings(...)
  • Elliott Wave Study - Some enhancements have been added to this study to improve the performance and reduce the memory footprint.
  • SDK - Some additional updates have been added to the SDK to improve the functionality for Multi-Timeframe studies
    • Study Class
      • getBarSizes() - By default this returns the bar sizes defined using the BarSizeDescriptor. You can override this method to specify bar sizes dynamically.
      • getInstruments() - Similar to getBarSizes(), this method will extract the instruments that are defined using the InstrumentDescriptor. You can override this to specify instruments dynamically
    • RuntimeDescriptor Class
      • setValueSeries(Object key, BarSize barSize) - This method will allow MotiveWave to use values from data series beyond the primary series. This, for example, would allow you to plot a path using a 1 minute data series on a 5 minute graph.
  • Study Bar Size - You can now choose a different bar size other than the chart bar size for a study. This can be done from the "Options" tab when editing a study
  • MACD - Added a top/bottom fill for shading when the MACD crosses the signal path.
  • Invert Study - The display of a study can be inverted. See study dialog, "Options" tab.

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