What's New in MotiveWave 3.1

(Released October 10, 2013)

Below is information on the major features and enhancements included in MotiveWave's version 3.1 (since the last major release of version 3.0). Please visit the MotiveWave download page for full Release Notes on each release including minor releases and to download the latest version of MotiveWave.

Trading Enhancements

  • Option Chain - (Professional and Ultimate Editions only) A new 'Option Chain' feature has been added in this update. Brokers that support this feature will have an "Options" page at the bottom of the console.
  • Trade Route - You can now specify the trade route when placing trades. A default trade route can be configured in the Order Presets. Currently this is only supported for Rithmic based brokers.

Chart Enhancements

  • No Tool - This is essentially the 'Select Tool' without the ability to select a group of components via click/drag. This is useful teaching tools that allow you to draw on a screen. You can access this tool from the tools drop down.
  • Price Alerts Panel - You can now add a price alerts panel to the console (or chart group) using the add panel drop down. This panel allows to you globally manage price based alerts in one location.
  • Calendar Days - Support for Calendar Days has been added to the charts (daily bars only). This option can be enabled from Chart Settings (double click on the chart) under the "General" panel.
  • Second Bars - Custom bar sizes can now be created using seconds. Note: Historical tick data is required to build these types of bars. Not available in Analyst Edition.
  • Minimum Bars - A minimum number of bars can be specified for loading a chart. This can be configured from the Chart Settings Dialog (see "General" panel)
  • Time & Sales Panel - Time & Sales can now be added as a panel in the Console
  • Price Scaling - A new tab "Scaling" has been added to the Chart Settings Dialog (right click on a chart and choose "Chart Settings"). This allows for the following types of scaling:
    • Auto Scale - Automatically scales the chart based on visible bars
    • Price Range - Allows you to specify a specific price range. Optionally, the price range can be locked so it does not change when changing bar size etc.
    • Square - Allows you to specify the price range per bar(s). This will lock the price scale accounting for bar width.
  • Auto Save - The auto save feature now saves all configuration information including console layouts
  • Save Configuration - This new option (Configure ->Save Configuration) allows the user to save all configuration information (this is normally done on exit).
  • Zone Label, Brace, Curly Brace - a fill option has been added to these components
  • Zone Label - Added "Gap" as label type
  • Commentary Tools - Tools have been added for the following commentary components: Note, Box Callout, Balloon Callout, Line Callout, Annotation, Curly Annotation, Ellipse, Box, Rounded Box, Arrow
  • Shift+Click, Ctrl+Click, Ctrl+Alt+Click - Additional options have been added for these operations: Note, Box Callout, Balloon Callout, Line Callout, Annotation, Curly Annotation

General Enhancements

  • DOM Panel - Depth of Market can now be added as a panel in the Console
  • Manage Instruments - Instruments available in the local database can now be managed in a central dialog. Choose Configure -> Manage Instruments from the console menu bar.

Broker/Data Services

  • Open eCry (OEC) - Support for Open eCry (OEC) has been added in this update (Windows only)
  • TradeStation - Added support for Option Chain
  • Interactive Brokers - Added support for Option Chain
  • Ditto Trade - Added support for Option Chain
  • TD-Ameritrade - Added support for Option Chain
  • MB Trading - Added support for Option Chain
  • MB Trading - Updated to work with the latest version of MB Trading
  • Zen Futures Broker - Support for Zen Futures Broker was added in this update
  • Rithmic - Updated to version of the Rithmic API. Added support for "Closed Positions" tab
  • Stage 5 Trading Corp - Support for Stage 5 Trading Corp (http://www.stage5trading.com/) has been added in this update.


  • Volume - This volume graph has been re-implemented as a study and includes the optional display of a moving average
  • Volume Overlay - By default, the volume study is now displayed as an overlay at the bottom of the price graph. You can change this default in the Preferences Dialog. See "Chart" -> "Options" tab, Overlay Volume checkbox.
  • Study Overlay - Any study can now be overlaid on top of another study or the price graph. To change the target graph for a study, click on the "Options" tab from the Study Dialog.
  • Instrument Overlay - Overlay studies (such as a moving average) can be applied to an Instrument Overlay.
  • Instrument Ratio - This new study is similar to the Instrument Spread except that it displays the ratio between two instruments (divides instead of subtracts)
  • SDK Path Properties - The following user configurable properties have been added to the PathDescriptor object:
    • Price Bar Color Policy - this will color bars using the same colors as the price bars
    • Shade - A shade can be applied above or below a path.
  • SDK - Added method getCashBalance() to OrderContext. This returns the current cash balance for the active account.

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