What's New in MotiveWave 2.4

(Released March 18, 2013)

Below is information on the major features and enhancements included in MotiveWave's version 2.4 (since the last major release of version 2.3). Please visit the MotiveWave download page for full Release Notes on each release including minor releases and to download the latest version of MotiveWave.

Trading Enhancements

  • Simulated Account Positions - Positions can now be entered/edited directly to reflect existing positions that exist in another broker outside of MotiveWave. This can be useful to monitor account holdings.
  • DOM Histogram - A histogram is now available on the DOM.

Chart Enhancements

  • Time & Sales - Time and sales information is now available as a panel on the chart (View>Time & Sales Panel) or in a separate window (File>New>New Time&Sales Window).
  • Point & Figure - This update includes support for Point & Figure bars (found under Change Bar Interval dropdown menu on top toolbar). MotiveWave uses the High/Low method for computing these bars.
  • Lock Studies - This feature allows you to lock the studies on a chart so that they remain when the instrument is changed. This is available as a new option on the toolbar, or choose: View>Lock Studies (from the top menu bar).
  • Show/Hide Trend Lines - Similar to Show/Hide Commentary, this option allows you to quickly hide or show trend lines on a chart (see tool bar icon or Chart Settings dialog, "Display" panel)
  • Chart Labels - Chart labels: Position, PnL, Buy, Sell now allow you to choose a specific account (instead of displaying values for all accounts).
  • Line Charts - When displaying a line chart, you now have additional options: MidPoint, Typical Price, Weighted Price and Weighted Average Price.
  • Elliott Wave Enhancements:
    • Elliott Wave Study - Auto Analyze feature implemented as a study (Study>Overlays>Elliott Wave). Note: waves generated in this study are read only and will be automatically updated on new bars.
    • Auto Wave - Several updates have been made to the Elliott Wave Auto Wave features to improve results.
    • Elliott Wave - E vs D ratio added to the Triangle component.
  • Gann Enhancements:
    • Pyrapoint - A new Pyrapoint component has been added to the Gann components folder that reflects the calculations as described by Don Hall.
    • Cross Square - New Cross Square component added to the Gann components folder.
  • New Studies/Strategies
    • Elliott Wave Study - Auto Analyze feature implemented as a study (Study>Overlays>Elliott Wave). Note: waves generated in this study are read only and will be automatically updated on new bars.
    • Volume Zone Oscillator
    • Price Zone Strategy
    • Smoothed Rate Of Change - Rate of Change Study based on a Moving Average instead of the closing price.
    • Chartmill Value Indicator
    • DMI Stochastic
    • Multi Level Indicator
    • Sector Rotation Model
    • Spearman Indicator
    • TMV (Trend Momentum Volatility Volume)
  • Study Enhancements
    • Pivot Points - Added the ability to show indicators for pivot lines.
    • Study Legend Values - Indicator values may now be displayed as part of the study label in the legend.
    • Study Path Gradient - You can now use a Gradient for displaying a path in a study.


  • NightVision Theme - New chart theme, similar to twilight but with green instead of blue.
  • Invert Mouse Wheel - You can now independently invert the regular mouse wheel action from the "Alt" mouse wheel action.


  • OANDA - Support for OANDA has been added in this release. This is currently in Beta mode. Please report any issues to support@motivewave.com.
  • TradeStation - support for this broker has been enhanced to reduce the number of calls to monitor the status of orders.
  • MB Trading - Support for MB Trading has been added in this release. Please note: this is for Windows only. Please Note: this has a dependency on the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 redistributable package. If this is not already installed on your machine, download and install from: http://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/download/details.aspx?id=5555
  • Options - Support for options have been improved for the following brokers: Interactive Brokers, TD-Ameritrade:
    • From the order ticket dialog, you can see quotes for the option as well as the root symbol.
    • The option expiry date and or strike price can be changed from the Order Ticket Dialog.
    • Charts show data for the root symbol.
    • IB Search Dialog has been improved for Options.
  • Interactive Brokers - You can now use Groups and Allocation Profiles from MotiveWave.
  • Rithmic/ZenFire Mac Support - Rithmic/ZenFire connectors are now available on the Mac. This includes access to AMP, Mirus Futures, Optimus and Deep Discount Trading Brokers.
  • Rithmic/ZenFire - The following enhancements have been added for Rithmic (this includes brokers that connect to Rithmic/ZenFire, ie Mirus Futures, AMP, Optimus, Deep Discount Trading)
    • Upgraded to 5.7.0 Rithmic Connector
    • Support for 64 bit JVM
    • Options Support
    • Open Interest column now available in watchlist
    • Fixes for historical data for contracts that have multipliers (for example 6J, ie Japanese Yen)

Data Service Providers

  • BarChart - Some updates were done to the bar chart connector to improve connectivity and fix bugs. The latest version of the connector for BarChart is now being used.


  • Performance/Memory - Significant performance and memory usage updates have been added in this update.
  • Clear All Data - This option allows you to clear all of the cached historical data in the workspace. Choose: Configure>Clear All Data (from the Console Menu Bar).

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