What's New in MotiveWave 2.0

(Release May 15, 2012)

Below is information on the major features and enhancements included in MotiveWave’s version 2.0 (since the last major release of version 1.3). Please visit the MotiveWave download page for full Release Notes on each release including minor releases and to download the latest version of MotiveWave.

  • Custom Studies / Indicators and Strategies - MotiveWave now has a Software Development Kit (SDK) for creating custom studies/indicators and strategies using Java® programming language. Documentation and resources for the SDK can be found on the MotiveWave SDK page, which includes an SDK Programming Guide and Sample Project.
  • Strategy Backtesting – MotiveWave now has support for strategy optimization through backtesting, called the Strategy Optimizer.
    • Backtesting – Execute a strategy with specific setting over a given period of time
    • Optimization – Execute a strategy with many different settings and find the optimal settings for a given time period using:
      • Exhaustive Optimization – tests all combinations of settings
      • Genetic Optimization – uses a genetic algorithm to find an optimal set of parameters
    • Walk Forward – finds the optimal settings for a strategy and then tests the strategy on ‘outof sample’ data to see how well it performs outside of the optimization data
    • Reporting – various reports on the backtest results are available
      • Metrics – summary metrics
      • Graphical Trade History – graphically shows each trade and PnL etc. on a historical price chart
      • Report Graphs – several report graphs are available: Net Profit (by period), Cumulative Profit, Trades Profit/Loss, Efficiency etc.
      • Period Metrics – Metrics defined by period (tabular format)
      • Trades – tabular format of trades executed in the back test scenario
      • Executions – tabular format of executed orders in the backtest scenario
  • Console Tabs – Chart tabs displayed in the console now show the timeframe as part of the tab name
  • Watch Lists – You can now choose the columns displayed in the watch lists from the right-hand side of the table view
  • Improved System Performance – there are many bug fixes in 2.0 that have increased system performance, as well as support for 32 bit and 64 bit versions, MotiveWave downloads are now signed with a digital certificate
  • Elliott Wave Enhancements – issues resolved for connecting wave points and changing wave degrees, enhancements to the Elliott Wave pattern recognition engine that improve results for Auto Analyze and Elliott Wave Scanner, Elliott Wave Scanner enhanced to support Range, Renko, Tick and Volume charts
  • Gartley Enhancements – Gartley Scanner now available to search for Gartley Patterns across multiple instruments / symbols, and Gartley Scanner enhanced to support Range, Renko, Tick and Volume charts
  • Replay Mode Enhancements – option has been added to the Replay Mode configuration to generate ticks from bar data; when this is enabled, simulated ticks will be generated from the bars
  • Chart Enhancements – Study Scanner allows you to scan a set of symbols / instruments for specific study conditions, 25 new studies plus enhancements to existing studies – studies now have the option to be updated with every tick (Live Update), overlay studies based on other studies, 3 new strategies, 13 new signals, 5 new bar types including 3D bars and Line Fill, and Bar/Line Source allows you to choose the source for the new line/bar types (sources are Open, High, Low, Close), Global Cross Hair will display the same cross hair on all views of the same analysis, Object Viewer now available
  • Data Import/Export Enhancements – allows import of older data and to replace existing bars (if specified), support for .prn files and files that contain multiple instruments
  • Alerts Enhancements – Alerts can now be placed on overlay values (e.g. EMA(20)) and on Study and Volume Graphs, Alerts Recent History now available for choosing recent sounds or email addresses, Multiple Trigger Alerts allow you to trigger an alert multiple times instead of a single use and a new condition called ‘Crosses’ has been added for when a value crosses above or below the given value
  • Interactive Brokers – CFDs and Warrant have been added as new security types. When searching for CFDs, you need to specify a currency or no results will be returned

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